• Wedge Bolts

Wedge Bolts

Wedge Bolt Assemblies are used for the fitment of Fenders to the existing Dock or Jetty wall

“DIPTI” Wedge Bolt Assemblies are used to install new fenders to an existing dock or jetty wall.

“DIPTI” Wedge Bolts are inserted in pre-drilled holes and fitted with an expansion mechanism and bonded by epoxy resin to ensure a fail proof system for the installation of the fender on to the wharfs. One Wedge Bolt Assembly contains a single fender fixing bolt, a single sleeve with hardened taper pin and a single loose washer matching the fender type.

“DIPTI” Wedge Bolt Assemblies are available in both mild steel (MS) galvanized and stainless steel (SS) as per specifications.