• UHMW HDPE Facia Pads
  • UHMW HDPE Facia Pads

UHMW HDPE Fascia Pads

Fascia Pads have excellent impact strength & high abrasion resistance

“DIPTI” Fascia Pads are made out of Ultra High Molecular Weight material, which has a low coefficient of friction. They have excellent impact resistance, high abrasion resistance and high engineering strength. They help to reduce the shear load transmitted to the structure. There is always a floating layer of oil/ grease/diesel spilling out from vessels. Unlike hazardous sparking due to metal to metal rubbing, the fascia pad material when rubbed with the hull of vessel does not create any spark and prevents fire. This is the most important characteristic of fascia pad, which makes its use UN-AVOIDABLE at petroleum product berths.

These pads are also used at small ferry wharfs, passenger boat Jetties and luxury wharfs to protect high-end ferries and boats while berthing and offer smooth surface and reduce friction and protect hull of ferries, passenger boats and luxury boats.

Product Highlights

  • Key Attributes

    • Low Friction
    • Anti-Sparking
    • Easy to replace
    • High Mechanical strength & low weight

  • Range

    “DIPTI“ Fascia Pads are available in wide range of different specifications. The thickness range is generally between 30- 120 mm and the overall size can be available as per requirement. Large size pads are not preferred to avoid distortion due to temperature variations.

  • Applications

    • Generally used in front of the side panel & jetty walls

Fastening of Fascia Pad

Fascia Pad fastening arrangement shall be kept in such a way that they acquire the minimum wear thickness to avoid contact of Vessel hull & Head of Fixing Stud. Please refer below table showing minimum wear thickness (Clearance) recommended.