Rubber / SS Ladders

IRM manufacture custom built ladder for different marine applications.

“DIPTI” Ladders are available both in stainless steel & moulded rubber as per specific requirement. Unique dual application fender ladders are also available, which can be used as a fender for small boats as well as ladder.

Product Highlights

  • Key Attributes

    • It has the functions of both a fender as well as a ladder
    • It has the same installation of holes pitch with fender and can be easily replaced by each other
    • The rubber ladder is tough, durable, weather-resistant, and able to absorb considerable contact from vessels without damage
    • The length, width, and rung placement can vary to fit particular requirements
    • Large contact area, low surface pressure
    • Prolonged service life
    • High corrosion resistance
    • Anti skid steps
    • Easy to install
    • Very low maintenance

  • Range

    We offer different types of “DIPTI” Ladders from 2 meter length to 12 Meter length as per specified requirements.

  • Applications

    • Small boats
    • Offshore platform