IVM Fenders are the modified version of the Element fenders, they have higher deflection capacity and accordingly provide higher energy absorption.

“DIPTI” IVM Element Fenders is the modified version of the Element fender, which have the highest deflection capacity and accordingly provides higher energy absorption. They are quite similar to the IV type Element Fender. They are generally used in pairs and can be used in various combinations to optimize the performance of the Fendering system. The overall characteristics, features and properties of IVM Element Fenders are similar to other Element Fenders and especially IV type Element Fenders.

Product Highlights

  • Key Attributes

    • Modular arrangement of fixing multiple fenders
    • Equipped with unique rubbing boards to reduce the friction and avoid sparking
    • Long life, maintenance free
    • Recessed fixings
    • High performance profile

  • Range

    “DIPTI” DIVM series Fenders are available in wide range from 400mm height to 2500mm height in different length from 6 to 8 meters with suitable frontal pads or frontal frames as per specified requirements.

  • Applications

    • Multiple fenders
    • Pivot pillars
    • Fender piles
    • V-fenders