Flat Top Arch Fenders

They are having an increased contact area and have lower hull pressure vis-à-vis the conventional Arch fender.

“DIPTI” Flat Top Arch Fenders offer an increased contact area and lower hull pressure. “DIPTI” Flat Top Arch Fenders have an improved energy/reaction force ratio and are recommended for all types of applications. The shape of these fenders helps to disperse stress evenly. These Fenders have excellent U.V. resistance, resistance to ozone ageing, and resistance to sea water.

IRM offers various models of Flat Top Arch fenders with different performances and slight change in their dimensions to suit the requirements of various clients.

Product Highlights

  • Key Attributes

    • Simple one-piece design
    • Excellent shear performance
    • Very easy to install
    • Maintenance free
    • Increased contact area & lower hull pressure

Can be modified to be equipped with a frontal frame to suit specific berthing conditions and duties

  • Range

    “DIPTI” Flat Top Arch Fenders are available in a large range of standard sizes

  • Applications

    • All types of Berths, Jetty Structures