DDA Fenders (Series-B)

These fenders can be used for all the applications like Arch fenders but are generally preferred for offshore applications. Performance characteristics of DDA fenders are quite similar to Arch Fenders.

“DIPTI” DDA series Fenders Type “B” offers excellent energy absorption capability with minimum transfer of frictional loads to the structure.

These fenders are supplied with frontal frames covered with low friction rubbing board which offers a unique solution to reduce the load on the fender after berthing the vessel. This additional fabricated assembly fitted on the face of the fender imparts more mechanical strength especially when belted vessels and other acute loadings are envisaged. These fenders are easy to install and virtually maintenance free.

These fenders are generally used for medium to large size of vessels in rough and tough applications. They are manufactured from specialized rubber compounds which adds to their sturdiness, thus giving it enhanced service life, excellent U.V resistance properties, resistance to ozone aging, and resistance to sea water.

Product Highlights

  • Range

    “DIPTI” DDA Fenders are available in wide range from 800mm height to 1300 mm height in different lengths up to 4 to 6 meter as per specified requirements