DDA Fenders (Series A)

DDA series fenders are a modified version of Arch fenders. A continuous base is provided in DDA series for better mounting on steel structures.

“DIPTI” DDA series DDA Fenders Type “A” give excellent energy absorption capability with minimum transfer of frictional loads to the structure.

These fenders come with low friction rubbing board which offers a unique solution to reduce the loads on the fender after berthing the vessel. These fenders are easy to install and virtually maintenance free and are generally used for small to medium sized vessels in rough and tough applications.

The fenders are manufactured from specialized rubber compound which adds to their sturdiness, thus giving tham enhanced service life, excellent U.V resistance properties, resistance to ozone aging, and resistance to sea water.

Product Highlights

  • Range

    “DIPTI” DDA series DDA Fenders are available in wide range from 150mm height to 600mm height in different lengths.