Barge Bumper Assembly With ERR

They are an improvisation of barge bumper for better load absorption.

“DIPTI” Barge Bumper Systems are a unique and technically superior protection system for offshore platforms worldwide. They accommodate berthing for very high tidal variations. They are capable of absorbing both axial and lateral loads, thus giving it a distinct edge over any other Platform Protection System.

The “DIPTI” make barge bumpers are extremely rugged and virtually maintenance free. All components are NDT tested and shock cells are tested for axial as well as lateral load deflection whilst simulating the loading conditions in house. Contact post of “DIPTI” Barge Bumper Assembly is made of high tensile steel as per API 5 L Gr. X52 which does not bend in case of point impacts and protects the entire barge bumper assembly.

Barge bumpers and shock cells manufactured by IRM are used extensively in various platforms. The concentric tubular design of our Shock Cells ensures very high mechanical strength in lateral and angular loading conditions.
It also helps to soften the impact of vessels by deflecting axially and gives a cushioning effect. “DIPTI” Barge Bumper Assemblies are available in two different designs – With and without ERR.