Designing of iMoor Jetty Management System

The iMoor jetty management system is an ‘in house’ development by Mampaey Offshore Industries. Design, programming and testing are conducted in the best possible manner. The Mampaey iMoor Software Package is SCADA based and can easily be customized to client’s requirements and be interfaced to other systems. Information can be distributed via the internet and thus be shared globally and/or by the ship’s crew. The Safe, sound and solid jetty management.

The relevant information from the various sensors is post processed on PLC’s and further transmitted to (and visualized by) the Jetty Computer. This form of local processing ensures the stand alone functionality of the main modules. Histogram trends can be provided for each vessel as ship’s data is stored centrally. Specific data bases include mooring schedules, rope tension limits, trend logs, event- & alarm archives and configurable, emergency release information. Typical iMoor applications, such as mooring load monitoring, remote hook release & hook status, berthing approach data and meteorological & oceano-graphic info as well as AIS or CCTV images can be made visible. All information can be distributed locally or globally and be monitored via LAN, WLAN, UHF or the internet (for instance on board of the vessel).