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IRM Foam Filled fenders are manufactured from high qualityfoam covered by Tough Polyurethane skin. IRM manufacturesFoam Filled Fender as an alternative to the standardPneumatic Fender. The performance of foam filled fenders canbe modified by changing the grades of foam. Hence Foam filledfenders can be designed and manufactured for specificapplications. This also gives more flexibility to foam filledfenders in meeting different requirement of Berthing Energyand reaction force for the same size of fender. Foam filledfenders can also be equipped with chain and tyre net in case ofrough applications.

Since there is no Air pressure inside the foam filled fendersthere is no risk of deflating, burst or sink. This also eliminatesany end fittings like safety valves, ball valves etc. whichfurther reduces the maintenance of Foam filled fenders compared to Pneumatic fenders. However Foam filled ofhigher size above 2.2 mtr dia are generally expensivecompared to Pneumatic fenders due to their high freight cost.

IRM manufactures the following types foam filled marine fenders :
IRM-Guard Foam Filled Marine Fenders - Netless
IRM-Cushion Foam Filled Marine Fenders - Netted
Shipboard Foam Filled Marine Fenders - with pad eye end fittings and or with hawse pipe as per specified requirement.
Small Boat Foam Marine Fenders System
Key Attributes :
Low Hull Pressure
Can be manufactured in special sizes for specific purpose
Performance can be altered by changing the grade of foam
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